SARS-COV2: Genome, Animal Reservoir, Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment

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Ayser Ashour Khalaf
Alaa Shahid Jassim AL-Bdery
Zahraa J. Jameel


Background: The new virus genome sequencing that causes Covid 19 in China has been diagnosed in the Hubei province of China (accession number MG772933.1). Objectives: The present study highlighted on the genetic diversity of covid-19 and showed the ways for diagnosis, the transmission and the variety of treatment that are used for covid -19. Methods: including Specimens collection nasopharyngeal swab (NP),Oropharyngeal swab (OP), Molecular methods RT- PCR Diagnostic, Serological Methods ELISA technique and rapid antigen tests, Chest X-ray examination. Results: As an outcomes demonstrated that the 5′-end of the genome comprise of orf1ab and orf1a qualities while proteins (S, E, M, and N) are situated in The 3′-end of the genome expansion to eight frill proteins (3a, 3b, p6, 7a, 7b, 8b, 9b, and orf14). Conclusion: It shows that the inherited recombination event at S protein in the RBD territory of "SARS-CoV"-2 may have overhauled its transmission likewise the molecular analysis is the most exactness than different ways and There is no uncommon treatment for covid-19.


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